Deposit USD via Wire Transfer

announcement Feb 25, 2021

Wire transfers are a reliable and generally safe way to send or receive money all around the world. This electronic transfer of money is an excellent option for large transactions — even massive ones like buying a home — because there will be no maximum amount. Currently, the amount is temporarily limited to $1 million for the test period.

The first users to try the wire transfer are CoinLoaners from the US. Soon, we are adding a list of more than sixty countries where this payment method will be available. Let’s see how it works.

Your wire transfer will be converted to USDC stablecoins at a 1-to-1 ratio and credited to your CoinLoan account. You will be able to use USDC to earn interest on deposits, buy crypto, repay a loan, or withdraw your assets in the form of ERC-20 tokens. Try it now.

USDC, or USD Coin, is the fastest-growing, fully reserved digital dollar stablecoin. It is a joint project of Circle (Circle Internet Financial) and Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange.

Here, you can read more about depositing USD on CoinLoan via wire transfer.

We do not charge a fee for wire transfers, though some banks do, so these can be great for traditional, cost-effective transfers. We recommend checking with your bank regarding any transfer fees. We support wire transfers from bank accounts domiciled in certain countries. If your country or state is not available in our selection list, it means that your jurisdiction is not supported by this payment method.

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