CoinLoan’s January Update 2021

update Feb 04, 2021

The first month of the year is usually counter-productive. It might be true for anyone but CoinLoan! We got an extra New Year present from our users. You guys inspired us so much that we’ve decided to return a favor and started 2021 with higher rates and new crypto-to-crypto pairs. Talking about cryptocurrency, do you happen to know anything about its regulation around the world? This January, we reviewed the Westren laws and legal acts to inform all the crypto enthusiasts out there. In February, CoinLoan will inspire you with crypto regulations in the East and many more inspiring updates on our ever-evolving platform.

CoinLoan is Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

We are proud of our TrustScore 4.5 / 5. And we are even more proud of a hundred users that voiced their opinion about CoinLoan! We asked you to rate us on Trustpilot, but we couldn’t even dream of tons of awesome feedback that came as a pleasant surprise:

All reviews mean the world to us, both positive and critical. Keep sending them so that we can keep up the good work!

We Reviewed Cryptocurrency Regulation in the West

The CoinLoan team is inquisitive when it comes to cryptocurrency regulation. Last year, we renewed the European virtual currency provider license. And we were surprised to know CoinLoan was the only regulated crypto lending platform licensed with Estonian Financial Intelligence. We are sure that our readers are also interested in the recent laws on cryptocurrency.

For your convenience, we roughly divided the world into eastern and western parts. The previous blog post shed some light upon the diverse attitudes that exist towards cryptocurrencies in the West. We chose the USA, Mexico, the UK and Germany randomly with no specific parameters. Next time we will travel to several parts of the Eastern world for educational purposes. Make sure to read the following article to compare the different legislation approaches.

New Pairs in the CoinLoan Exchange

You’ve been asking for more exchange pairs. We are delighted to present nine new crypto-to-crypto pairs. Use them as a loan currency or collateral for leveraging or short selling trading strategies! Now there are more trading options for 4 coins

  • For XRP: ETH
  • For XMR: BTC, ETH
  • For LTC: BTC, ETH, RUB

Now you can enjoy more options for your Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, and Wrapped Bitcoin.

Interest Account Rates Go Up to 12.3%

From now on, CoinLoaners can enjoy an increased 10.3% rate in their Interest Account, which goes up to 12.3% APY with CLT staking. Dying to hear about the conditions? Well, there are none. We set no limits to this offer. Nevertheless, we encourage you to take advantage of it, as the rates might be subject to change in the future. New rates are valid for euro, British pound, and all stablecoins. Here’s a full list for your convenience:

  • USDT
  • USDC
  • TUSD
  • BUSD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • DAI
  • PAX

That’s not all good news! The long-awaited Stellar loans are coming! In the near future we will list XLM at CoinLoan so you can earn interest, use Stellar as collateral, and exchange XLM for crypto and fiat. What else? Stay tuned, and be the first to know!

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