CoinLoan Token (CLT) Listed on Bittrex Global Exchange

announcement Apr 01, 2021

CoinLoan’s CLT is the last token listed on Bittrex Global exchange. CLT deposits are open on the platform today, on the 1st of April. Tomorrow, on April 2, one of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges is opening BTC/CLT and CLT/USDT trading. We are honored and touched to the core!

What is Bittrex Global?

Bittrex Global exchange is the premier digital asset trading service. This trusted platform is known for its robust and dynamic security infrastructure. Fast and scalable, Bittrex Global is currently one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Over 200 different cryptocurrencies are traded on it.

Why do you need CLT?

The CLT token was listed on its first crypto exchange in June 2018 and is currently traded on several exchanges. CoinLoaners can take advantage of our Ethereum-based token utilities through the CoinLoan platform. In the CoinLoan Interest Account, it can be used to raise earning rates from basic to more beneficial ones. Staking 2,500 CLT, for instance, will add 2% on top of your annual interest rate. This way, you can earn up to 12.3% annually on EUR, GBP and stablecoins or 7.2% on BTC. Also, paying borrowing fees in CLT users get a 50% discount.

You can find more information on staking bonuses in the dedicated post.

Where else can you buy CoinLoan tokens?

The easiest way to get CLT is to buy them on the CoinLoan Exchange. Also, CLTs are available on the following exchanges and pairs:

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