CLT Is Listed on YoBit

partnership Jul 08, 2018

Hello, CoinLoaners!

We are excited to announce the news you’ve been waiting for! After the long negotiation process, we are now listed on YoBit, a cryptocurrency exchange platform. We expect that the listing will give a boost to our liquidity & volume and encourage the community to wait until the CoinLoan platform is open. Well, it won’t be long now. 😉

CoinLoan Token [CLT] on YoBit:

The Following Pairs are now available at for buying and selling tokens:

  • CLT/BTC;
  • CLT/ETH;
  • CLT/RUR;
  • CLT/USD;

About YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that unites major market players. always supports cooperation with the most popular world cryptocurrencies and provides the possibility to gain profit at electronic money exchange transactions.

If don’t have an account on YoBit, click on “Registration” button here. After sending the application for registration you will receive an e-mail letter with the activation link which you should use for activating your account.

If you have any questions, you can find the answers on YoBit FAQ’s orSupport page.

Thank you for your patience and support!

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